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Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

I realize I’m showing my age, but this song keeps going through my head. Of course, in this case, I’m actually going to start skipping the haircuts and look for a second job. The fundraising has begun, but we have to be aware we may not meet our goal. It’s a pretty ambitious goal and we have about three months left.

I’ve had several people ask me, “Does the adoption only happen if you raise the money?” No, we are committed. We are in this 100%. The only thing that will stop this adoption is the birth mother or father changing their minds. We took a leap of faith when we began this process and we’ll continue to have faith that we will be able to find a way.

Those who know me well, know I’m pretty anal (some might say controlling) and tend to weigh everything out before making a decision. Adoption has so many unknowns in it that you have to embrace the uncertainty. This is our son, and, like any parents, we would do anything for our child. We’ll find a way.

For now, I’ll focus on the things I can control. Dyeing my hair is out of the window. We’ll now know my natural color that we haven’t seen in 10 years! I’m going to grow my hair out, as well. That’s a little money we can save. My in-laws are keeping the girls for a week so we can get a refund for a week of daycare during the holidays. Christmas is simple. We’re cooking cheaper meals and finding more coupons. A lady at work has started giving me coupons for some of the items we buy.

Every dollar will add up and these changes are merely blips on the radar as we focus on a life full of three children. I won’t mind having a few pictures with shaggy hair when I hold my son in my lap.

Tim and I are both trying to find second jobs. We haven’t had a lot of luck on that front so far, but we’re hopeful. Even a few months of extra income will help. And we continue to focus on ways to fundraise. A pancake feed is beginning to look very possible. We just need to focus on all of the ways we can get the word out to maximize attendance. The key to successful fundraising is getting more people than your immediate circle to be part of your journey.

Let’s be real. I don’t get out much–I have twin toddlers! My social circle is limited. I can’t expect the few people I know to bear the weight of this adoption. Instead, I need to find 1,000 people who want to be part of our journey and want to help us bring our son home.

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