Cancer Ever After

Musings on Infertility, Adoption, Cancer and Widowhood.

Memories for Sale

on 01/02/2015

One of the best ways that we’ve found to raise money for this adoption is to go through our house and find items we can part with. Craig and his infamous list have become my new best friend. In many ways, it’s a bittersweet process. We’re not one to hold onto items unnecessarily. Usually twice a year, we go through items and take a load of stuff to Goodwill. That means the items we have left are items that we might not use, but we’ve held onto for sentimental reasons.

Since we started this process shortly before Christmas, we prioritized the items we could sell to raise money. Items that would sell best before Christmas, or that would be quicker to post and bring in larger amounts would be sold first. I can only manage so many clandestine nooners in the grocery store parking lot. I’m beginning to look like a creepy lady selling items from her trench coat on the street.

The ghosts of Christmas past are the treasures funding this adoption. The guitar I received for Christmas from my mom 15 years ago, for example. I never did learn to play, and she knew me well enough to know that was a possibility when she bought it, but at the time I wanted it so badly. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received. A sewing machine, another Christmas treasure. It’s in mint condition, because I could never concentrate enough to get good at sewing. Our first saw that we used to renovate two houses from top to bottom. A treadmill we no longer have time for and don’t expect to use for a few more years. A car seat, a stroller, the girls’ Easter and Christmas dresses. We’re selling away our memories one at a time to fund a lifetime of new memories filled with one more little snuggly body.

I can live with that.

Next up, my collection of 3,000 romance books. Know anyone who wants an entire library of books at once?

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