Cancer Ever After

Musings on Infertility, Adoption, Cancer and Widowhood.


on 03/25/2015

Our missing piece has been found! Please welcome Porter Michael William.  We are over the moon.  More to come on the craziness of the last few weeks and his spectacular entrance into the world.    SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!2015-03-25 09.55.50

3 responses to “COMPLETE!

  1. Sandy Miles says:



  2. Cierra says:

    I absolutely love re reading these over and over again! The excitement you guys had as you prepared for your son is out standing, the love you carried for him long before he was even here fills my heart.
    Everything from how you guys began to prepare from him to sharing your journey along the way. I could seriously just read these forever.
    He’s in great hands.


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