Cancer Ever After

Musings on Infertility, Adoption, Cancer and Widowhood.

A place in hell

on 02/15/2019

I don’t believe everyone who commits suicide goes to hell, but after tonight I certainly hope you at least make a pit stop there.

After hearing your son talk all day about wanting to fish and hunt just like daddy, and then end the day in tears crying for daddy, you deserve to be there. 30 minutes of crying his heart out for you.

He idolized you. How am I going to teach him these things. I can perhaps forgive you choosing to leave me, but your choice to leave your children this way is unforgivable and selfish.

They loved their perfectly imperfect daddy.

One response to “A place in hell

  1. Angela Grant says:

    Think about how much turmoil and pain he must have felt. My father committed suicide. I grew up without him. My husband committed suicide. My sons grew up without a father.
    It was their decisions and right to take their lives and I had to accept that. My sons are still bitter.

    Life is full of bad things. How we move pass them helps define who we are.


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